It’s Q4 – What’s Your Game Plan?

You’ve given the “game” your all for the first three quarters. You’ve made some great plays. You may have been pushed back for a loss or two, but you’re still in the game – and the game’s not over.

As the seasons change, it’s a perfect time to perform a personal and professional goals “check-up”. In business, we have natural “check points” to determine if we’re on track to meet our annual goals. We have budgets, cash flow, payroll, bankers, boards, etc., all keeping us on task.

But what do we have for natural check points for our personal goals? I advise my clients to use the change in seasons as the “natural” time to do your personal goals “check-up”. That mindset helps you to remember to check in on your goals at least four times each year.

Right now we’ve got a few minutes between quarters to get you refocused on the goals you want to achieve by year-end. So let’s get
to work.

Here are just three things to consider when evaluating your year-end goals:


Yes, we’re getting to work on meeting your year-end goals, but you can also have some FUN while working on them. If achieving your goal means you must put all else in life (especially a little fun once in a while) on hold so you can WORK on that goal, then maybe it’s not realistic. Can you rework that goal in a way that lets you build in some fun? Can you join a class at the “Y” to help you work on your fitness goal? Attend a motivational seminar to help you work on reinforcing your positive mindset and attitude. Set a goal for your work team with the prize of a group lunch at a fun restaurant. Working toward your goals MUST be fun and exciting as well.


I often refer to the story told by Frank Shorter, US Olympic Team Marathon Gold Medal Winner, when he describes his mindset of not thinking of a marathon as running 26 miles, but instead as running one mile 26 times. Break it down into smaller and more manageable pieces. We’re entering the 4th quarter, which is made up of three months, and each month has four weeks, etc. Break a three month goal into more manageable monthly, weekly or even daily pieces – and track your progress!


I challenge you to do something once a day that “scares” you a little. Step out of your comfort zone. Be adventurous. Think and act “outside the box”. Feel alive. Have something to brag about at year end. Achieve your goal!

Take a look at the goals list you created late last year and consider if it’s realistic to think you’ll achieve all on your list. And remember…it’s YOUR list! You can be flexible. You MUST be flexible. Revisit your goals list. Rework the goals that may not be realistic. Realize that you can’t reach the goals you set unless you have a sense of urgency and have made a commitment to live your life “with

Take the next step

Would you like to sit down with me for a few minutes and get started on your daily, weekly and monthly actions? Send me a message and we’ll coordinate a time that works best for both of us to focus on what’s best for you.

Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing. Go For It!