The Planning Trap

How the wrong approach can keep you running ragged, while your goals stay stuck

It’s time to check in on your goals. If you did some high-level goal setting back at the beginning of the year, by this point you may be finding yourself in a bit of a slump; or maybe life has just gotten in the way and you’ve put your goals on the back burner. The […]

Leaders: Summer and Creating a Balanced Workplace Culture

After many years of studying successful workplace environments and successful business leaders, I’ve found the vast majority of those who are successful for the long haul are those who recognize that planned time off is a valuable investment in their business and in their people. The reward of “time off” for ourselves and our team […]

Striving for Excellence

Working toward excellence means that you fully use your talents, skills, and abilities everyday by giving that “little extra.”  We all take pride in a job well-done, and much of our pride and self-esteem can be measured by the quality of our work. Here are just a few ways you can “walk your talk:” Have […]

Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing

February is all about love, and this newsletter won’t be any different. For us, though, it’s about TOUGH love. I know that you set some great goals in January, and you were excited about them. Since then, though, you’ve probably found your goals shifting from day to day, week to week, as life intervenes and […]