Tough 20: Pre-Goal Setting Questionnaire

Before you set personal or professional goals, take a deep and honest look at yourself, your achievements and your challenges. This questionnaire will help you.

Instructions: Before you answer these questions, grab your appointment calendar on your phone or from Outlook, your “to do” lists, and other records. Use them to collect a list of the highlights and challenges of the year to date. You may be surprised how much you’ve already forgotten, or that it was such an eventful year!

What goals did you set last year upon which you feel you made progress or that you accomplished?


What are you most proud of accomplishing last year?


What skills did you use most in your effort?


What else helped you succeed?


What was most challenging to you last year?


What else might have held you back?


Was it time management, unexpected events (“life”) or a lack of energy?


What goal did you set last year that you kept delaying or putting off for another day or week?


What is still challenging you right now?


What do you like most about yourself right now?


What do you think others like most about you right now?


How will you know if you’re successful? What does “success” really mean for you?


What is motivating you to do something different to find success?


Are you REALLY ready, willing and able to change – no matter how hard it might be to stick with it?


If things work out perfectly, what key 4-6 professional and personal goals will you accomplish over the next three months?  What will that look like for you?


What qualities will you need to accomplish these goals? (for example, courage, strength, persistence or confidence)


How will you handle setbacks, mistakes and failures?


Who do you consider to be your “support system”?


Who do you know and trust who can help keep you on track and support you through tough times?


How are you prepared to keep track of your goals, successes and challenges in the next 12-months?


How are you prepared to perform your goals “check-up” every 3-months?


What will you do to push yourself outside your comfort zone and put a little “life” back into your life in the coming year?


People say some fabulous things and make some great promises each year about what they’re going to accomplish.  With these questions, I’m challenging you to step back and see if you’ve really got the foundation in place to make your goals come true.  You can be your greatest motivator and teacher – or your best “excuse maker.”  I’m inviting you to learn from your own life’s lessons and take that knowledge and experience with you as you begin your journey to the new you.

Need more help?  Let’s talk.  I help people – just like you, work toward finding and achieving their true life goals every day.