Striving for Excellence

Working toward excellence means that you fully use your talents, skills, and abilities everyday by giving that “little extra.”  We all take pride in a job well-done, and much of our pride and self-esteem can be measured by the quality of our work.

Here are just a few ways you can “walk your talk:”

Have Passion for What You Do – and let it show!

Make what you do an important part of your daily life and routine.  Make what you do part of who you are as a person, a team member, and a contributor.  Seek out ways to go “above and beyond.”  Learn more.  Develop your skills.  Watch and learn from others.  Be committed to constantly getting better at what you do – to “sharpening the saw” and staying sharp on your work and your industry.  Once you commit to being your best you will be able to work around obstacles and to quickly learn and know what needs to be done and how to do it best.

Believe That What You Do Matters

Because it does.  Striving to get better at what we do and taking the ultimate pride in a job well done matters. What you do each day matters.

Expect the Best of Yourself and of Everyone Around You

By expecting the best from ourselves and from others we set a tone and create a culture of excellence.  Create a great reputation for you and your team to live up to – it will makes you and everyone around you work hard to continue earning that reputation.

Acknowledge those on your team.

If you look for the best in someone you’ll see it. Catch those you work with doing things right and tell them. When we get noticed for the good things we do, we tend to do more of them. Challenge those on your team. We all need to be challenged from time to time of our commitment to being the best. Be a positive role model.

Always Follow-Up and Follow-Through

Be intentional about following through with what you said you were going to do. Take pride in keeping your word and with following through on the commitments you make. Take ownership in any project in which you’re involved – be sure your part of the job gets done, but don’t leave it there. Follow-up to be sure that the team delivered on its word. People remember that you remembered – and that you got the job done. They’ll also remember if you don’t remember. Actions prove who someone really is, while only saying the words without actions just proves who they want to be. Think about it this way – what would you want someone to do for you?

Always Give More Than is Expected

Helping others regardless of what’s in it for you, exceeding expectations and going that extra mile will set you, your team and your organization apart. Look at every situation in terms of the value you can add to that situation. Take pride in doing things faster and better.  Always looking for ways to improve requires you to fully utilize your talents, skills and abilities.

Giving more than is expected, having passion for your work, believing that what you do matters, expecting the best, and following-up and following-through are just a few ways to help us all “walk our talk” in striving for excellence by asking us to take pride, work hard, be honest and sincere, deliver on our word – and to give that little extra.